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The August 1, 2017 Bitcoin (BTC) fork and Bitcoin Improvement Proposal action is underway now.Gold Posts Weekly Loss as Traders Retreat from Safe Haven Asset.

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Bitcoin Cash adjusted its mining difficulty over the weekend, a move that comes just under a week after the alternative version of the bitcoin blockchain was created.

After announcing Saturday that they would go ahead with the fork, bitcoin miners running the alternative bitcoin software will soon begin producing the new coin, known as bitcoin cash.

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The recent hardfork in Bitcoin did not double the number of Bitcoins, but instead created an entirely new coin (Bitcoin Cash).

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September crude imports at LOOP up 10% from average following Harvey: In The LOOP.

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Some consumers are taking advantage with the and making cash with food reserves.

Although not included in the graphic, we also wanted to add a quick word on Bitcoin Cash. This post originally appeared on Zero Hedge.Some individuals are taking advantage of this and making cash with food reserves.Authored by Stephen Punwasi via, Mainland Chinese buyers have become a dominant force in real estate markets across the world.Bitcoin 1 - 0 FBI. by. Bitcoin is not anonymous and cannot offer the same level of privacy as cash.

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Bitcoin has made a new From Zerohedge: Despite the ongoing demise of Bitcoin Cash (down another 13% today) since the fork 4 days ago, cryptocurrencies are surging.

Bitcoin jumps nearly 70% for August to record high, offshoot.More Related Articles.

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We have noticed a proliferation of pundits, newsletter hawkers, and even mainstream market analysts focusing on one aspect of the bitcoin market.ZeroHedge Criminal Groups Still Prefer Cash To Bitcoin, EU Study Finds.

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Big money, institutional money, public markets money, is soon to flood into bitcoin.Bitcoin Demand Continues to Rise in India as Cash Reserves Run Dry. Alongside cash demand, Bitcoin is doing phenomenally well in India,. and Zerohedge. Express.

Curious if this was caused by some new, unconfirmed Chinese crackdown on bitcoin traders, exchanges, and other money laundered.Bitcoin is splitting into two separate blockchains, with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash being the two alternatives.IRS May Consider Bitcoin Cash Fork Taxable Income This Year. 1 day ago.

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Zero Hedge Bitcoin This will be the easiest survival foods to capture.Maryland Officials Dare To Dis-Allow Non-Citizens From Voting 2 days ago Protesters Storm St.Tyler Durden considers the following as important: Alternative currencies, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Classic, Blockchain, Blockchains, Coinbase, CoinDesk, Cryptocurrencies, Digital currencies, Digital currency, Economics of bitcoin, Finance, money, None.

Recent research has helped to identify which Australians are cashing in on the Bitcoin boom.The figures suggest that the overwhelming majority of Australians who own Bitcoin are male, white and aged under 34.At press time, miners dedicating computing power to that blockchain were still looking for their first block, an event that would mark the formal creation of its cryptocurrency.Investments. Bitcoin Cash Returns to Profitability Amid Mining Adjustments. c). ZeroHedge. 192 POSTS.

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Yet its price has doubled as an increasing number of digital currency exchanges have enabled trading in the.

Hurricane adjusted initial claims for week of Sept. 2: 239,000.Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and.June 18, 2017 While My Qatar Gently Weeps June 8, 2017 An Absurd Unintended Consequence Of Abnormally Low Rates April 22, 2017 How Heavy Is This.

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