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Here are the possibilities - ask your business or school how your Exchange account is set up.Changes required to Exchange 2010 to allow the use of the same host name both internally and externally.

If you have Exchange 2010 in your Site, If you create a new Active Directory site, your Exchange may stop working, We will see why.From time to time i have issues with my Content index catalog files. in my Exchange 2010 SP1 DAG environment.Exchange will pick a random CAS from the site containing the.Only if Autodiscover fails will you be asked for the name of the Exchange server name.Once you change the IP address of the server, you will want to make sure that DNS is replicated promptly.Exchange 2010 feature called Database Availability Group (DAG) is the new High Availability feature of Exchange 2010. DRP Design.HOWTO: Configuring MailMarshal SMTP (SEG) to forward mail to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 or 2007.

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It uses the domain name in your email address to find the server.This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Exchange management tools to assign services to an SSL certificate in Exchange Server 2010.

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When you set up a mobile device, the AutoDiscover feature will find the name of your Exchange server and mailbox, and configure Outlook for you.If you read Microsofts documentation and guidance regarding DAG design, you will note guidance that the greater number of DAG members that you have.This template tracks the statistics of Exchange mailboxes and the mailbox databases of Exchange 2010 server with the Mailbox role using PowerShell scripts.The Default Website for Exchange 2010 on Windows SBS Server 2010 has been deleted (how and why is not important).

IMAP allows for limited calendar storage but does not support collaborating on a calendar with other users.

Even then, not sure of the results, the rest would be up to you to test.In Exchange 2003, all internet mail is directed through the SMTP virtual server.To access some Outlook features, your account may need to be on a specific version of Exchange Server.However if the domain is the same, the only changes should be related to the MX records with your hosting company to ensure that external mails come in.

Now This scenorio you can use with Exchange 2010 using DAG, So each site will have a copy DAG which will replicate to main site as well.Cross-Site Silent Redirection reduces the end user dissatisfaction around having to click a link to get to the correct OWA infrastructure, and may in fact.Powershell Script for Exchange 2010 - Automatic Failover, Failback and Recovery scripts for databases, database copies and DNS.

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This article is a complete guide on performing Exchange 2010 Disaster recovery when you have a data center or Active directory failure in the primary site. (more.

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Exchange Server 2010 is the first server in a new generation of Microsoft server technology that is designed and developed to work on-premises as well as.Exchange Server 2010 can be installed on either Windows Server 2008 64-bit with Service Pack 2, or Windows Server 2008 64-bit R2, and either.Learn how to configure Outlook 2010 for an Exchange server in the UCSD Campus Exchange Organization.This is called working offline or using Cached Exchange Mode.

Learn how to perform a Exchange 2010 cross-forest migration using the Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) and the Password Export Server.Exchange My Mail: Exchange Hosting for small and medium businesses - and now offering hosted Exchange 2010.Posted on September 29, 2010 by Tony Redmond. (EMS) to connect to an Exchange 2010 in your local site.Instructions to Install SSL Certificates to Microsoft Exchange 2010.

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Learn how Exchange 2010 Majority Node Set Clustering works in real world scenarios.When your business or school sets up their Exchange Server, they choose what method your Exchange account uses to access email on the server.Hi - we are closing our second site down - it currently holds our exchange server.

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Likewise, in each Active Directory Site where Exchange Server 2010 will be installed, there must be at least one Standard or Enterprise Windows Server 2003 SP2.

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You can check the Account Settings dialog box in Outlook for the types of e-mail accounts in your Outlook profile.

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Exchange Web Services (EWS) provides the functionality to enable client applications to communicate with the Exchange server.

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