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Thank you Joshua hey found this the other day I hight lighted some of the things I think are misprints any value.You might want to pass these photos by CONECA and John Wexler.Assuming they are worn and have no unusual issues, each of your 1944 Lincoln cents is worth 5 to 10 cents each.Reading Japanese Numbers and Dates. or Akihito), so coins minted that year. and 10. but im still confused on it. how much is the coin value and.I hope this helps explain some of the factors that go into the coin values listed. worth the chart above. anything of value.On the back there is a peanut shaped blob that covers part of the E and most of the N in cent. most of the T and all of the ED is covered in United.

Hi I have this 1964d nickel but on the back side had like some marks on pluribus on the u and on unum on the.Hang on to it and see if you can send it in for closer inspection.The coin is immaculate I found it in a Coinstar machine yes it does look like a proof coin but there are no hair lines.

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I have performed and evaluated what we call NDE or non destructive examination.

Copper Lincoln Memorial pennies made in 1982 (These weigh 3.11 grams versus 2.5 grams for the pennies made from copper-plated zinc).

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What it looks like it has bubbles on each opposite sides, as if someone shoot it with abullet on both opposite sides.I saw this on the referenced article about the 1999 penny and am now curious to see if these could be those similar clash marks.Thank you but I ment to send you this 1 its a 1973 no mint mark I found this other ones today any value again thank you for your time.

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I primarily collect and study U.S. coins produced during the 20th century.I have a 2009 penny on the back is a man fishing does anyone know anything about it.It looks like the 1970-S cent is a large date and is worth 2 cents.

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I Found a 1938 penny in my change, and I was wondering how much it is worth.

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This quarter also has a small piece of metal still attached to the rim.

Hello, I found this weird 1996-D penny that sticks to a magnet.The reason some (not all) S-mint Lincoln cents are worth more than their Philadelphia- and Denver-mint counterparts has to do with their overall lower mintage figures, making them generally harder to find.Money Metals Exchange Offers U.S. Liberty 20 Dollar Gold Coins Dating between.

Coins of the United States dollar. and is often placed near the year.The Bitcoin chart in USD on a logarithmic scale suggest that Bitcoin value could be at 10,000 USD next year.You might enjoy finding out about the different types of coins worth more than face value.The coins listed here, except for the 1990 cent and one 1992-D cent, all exhibit varying signs of post-mint damage and are worth face value.

Things like X-ray, UT (ultrasonic thickness testing), PT (or DPT dye-penatrent testing, and one of my favorites, PMI (positive material identification).Quarter value chart. 932 million that were minted that year, 25.I am an amateur collector and I keep all kinds of coins that I find interesting.See the silver price history over the past 5 years via a historical price chart of the daily spot price value of silver (in USD per ounce) for the past 5 years.These are some photos of the 1982 penny, my wife Amber, was inquiring about.

Modern Shillings, Florins, Crowns after 1920 - Even though these coins are large, and even though most of them are made of silver, they do not command strong premiums over and above their innate silver value.My mother gave me a five gallon glass container full of pennies.Yes, all pre-1982 Lincoln Memorial cents are worth holding aside as they contain a coper-based alloy and are worth about 2 cents each for their metal content.Hi Josh I have over 400 something coins nd I would like the now the values.Something like that could be worth a few dollars, but if I can get a better look at the area of disturbance I could provide more clarified info.I can tell you that the 1945 wheat cent with the hole has unfortunately suffered from some extensive post-mint damage and is worth essentially only its copper value (two cents).